Youth Civil Society Leaders

In January 2008, LTA launched the Youth Civil Society Leaders (YCSL) project in partnership with the International Research and Exchange Board (IREX), as part of it Youth against Corruption program. 

The goal of the project is to promote youth active leaders (ages 15-25) to address corruption and promote good governance. The project mobilizes youth leaders and empowers them with resources and skills to combat inefficient and corrupt governance in Lebanon.

The program consists of four mutually reinforcing objectives:

• Build the capacity of youth civil society leaders in advocacy and anti-corruption techniques;
• Identify issue-based projects that bridge sectarian divides;
• Implement community-driven youth projects that improve government transparency and accountability; and
• Form a nation-wide youth coalition called Lebanese Youth against Corruption.

Targeted training created a select group of more than 500 youth leaders, among which 325 received 88 hours of issue-based training. Beneficiaries come from eight sensitive Lebanese areas, and are capable of mobilizing local communities to address poor governance. The regions covered by the project are: East Baalbek; Bekaa region (near Deir el Ahmar); Southern Borders; Jezzine, East Saida, and Saida; Tripoli-Bab el Tebaneh (North); Southern and Southeastern suburbs of Beirut; and South Mount Lebanon.

Youth involved in the project have been receiving thematic and technical training on:

• Citizenship
• Transparency and Accountability
• Good Governance
• Leadership
• Conflict Resolution
• Proposal writing and budgeting
• Project management

Throughout the training sessions, youth leaders learned to identify the issues related to corrupt governance, to mobilize stakeholders to increase transparency and accountability of local governmental institutions and to unify across ethnic and religious boundaries.

In addition to training, the project provided small grants (not exceeding 5,000 USD) amounting to 120,000 USD to support youth leaders in implementing projects at the community level that encourage transparency and bridge sectarian divides. In total 136 proposals were received, and based on objective selection criteria, 28 anti-corruption small projects have been selected and are currently being implemented in eight different regions. The grantees are 28 young Lebanese, among them 18 females.

LYCAC booklet

This dynamic framework of youth leaders will consolidate their resources in a nation-wide youth coalition entitled the Lebanese Youth Coalition Against Corruption (LYCAC) that was launched on May 9, 2009.

Press release

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