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Know your generator rights! - #LightsonLebanon

Did you know that the Ministry of Energy and Water issues tariff guidelines at the end of every month for the pricing of generator ("moteur") services in Lebanon?

The tariff guidelines indicate a fair price for each hour of generator use depending on the level of subscription (5 or 10 amperes) based on the price of diesel fuel and the associated costs for generator operation, as well as a profit margin for their owners.

The Ministries of Interior, Energy and Water, and Economy are responsible for enforcing this pricing guideline, according to Decree No. 2 issued by the Council of Ministers on 2011/12/14. Most recently, in January 2015, the Ministry of Economy also called publicly for consumers to report any violations of the generator pricing policy through the Consumer Protection hotline (1739) or mobile application.

If you think you are being charged unfairly for generator ("moteur") service, here's what you can do!:
  1. Check the Ministry of Energy and Water's tariff guidelines for the month, which are available here.
  2. Multiply the price for your subscription service (by amperes) per hour by the average number of hours that the electricity was cut during that month. Example 1: In January 2015, if you have 5 amperes moteur and you live in Beirut, you know that it's 240 LL for each hour of 5 amperes, and that in Beirut the electricity cut approximately 3 hours a day in January, and that there were 31 days in January 2015. So you would calculate 240 L.L x 3 hours x 31 days = 22,320 LL
  3. If your bill for that month was not close to this amount, and you think you are being charged unfairly, contact the Consumer Protection Directorate by calling their hotline 1739 or submitting a complaint through their mobile application (Consumer Protection Lebanon). Important Note: You will need to present the invoice from the generator/"moteur" owner to the Consumer Protection Directorate, but if you want to remain anonymous, you could also "black out" your name on the invoice so that only the name of the generator owner is visible.
  4. If you have any further questions, call the Lebanese Advocacy and Legal Advice Center for free advice and assistance at 03/868 303 or 01/388 113.

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