Youth Against Corruption

Youth for Participatory and Accountable Municipalities (YPAM)

This project was designed to enable the youth within the three selected localities (Majdal designed Anjar, Nimreen, and Chwaya) to effectively advocate for the implementation of good governance practices in municipalities. These Youth Committees (YCs) will attend a series of capacity building workshops to develop their advocacy skills and knowledge on Municipal law and budgeting. Furthermore, needs-based assessments will be conducted in the areas to identify the top priority needs of the local community. The YCs will work towards advocating for a participatory form of Municipal budgeting in order to address the top priority needs of their communities.

Main Activities:


-          Delivering a series of workshops on: Good governance and transparency, communications and advocacy strategies, and Municipal Law;

-          Conducting needs-based assessment within each community;

Implementing an advocacy strategy targeted towards the Municipal officials.