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Lebanon Corporate Governance Task Force

Created in November 2002 by LTA, the goal of the Lebanon Corporate Governance Task Force (LCGTF) is to build and maintain a coalition that promotes good corporate governance in Lebanon. It is a permanent working group, consisting of prominent representatives from the Lebanese private and public sectors, as well as the civil society.
The Task Force works on initiating a wide ranging dialogue on corporate governance between various stakeholders. It is also responsible for the design and implementation of a number of projects on corporate governance in Lebanon and acts as a consultative body for LTA on corporate governance.

The Task Force aims to achieve changes in the Lebanese private sector on two levels. First, on a structural level, the group seeks to establish a constructive dialogue between the private and public sectors as well as the civil society groups. This dialogue is enriched by the direct involvement and ownership of stakeholders on the issue of corporate governance. Whereas, on a functional level, the Task Force aims at building capacities of the private sector, to contribute to the body of knowledge on the level of corporate governance and to actively promote the application of the principles of corporate governance in Lebanon and throughout the Middle East.

Since its formation, the Task Force team has met on a regular basis. LCGTF is responsible for the implementation and follow-up on a number of tasks – such as knowledge/information dissemination, adaptation of international trends and literature, and representation of Lebanon’s private sector in regional and international initiatives.

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