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Engaging women leaders in the fight against corruption

The “Engaging women leaders in the fight against corruption” project adopts a bottom-up approach, whereby per project country, the experiences of 75 women across three sectors (Academia, Private and Public), inform the discussion within each sector about corruption risks, identify additional information requirements and produce true stories. The woman leaders will generate material for sectoral, then national declarations of corruption risks as women, develop and implement national advocacy plans and materials. At the end of the project, the participating women will be strong advocates for a gender sensitive perspective on corruption; they will have gathered rich experiences, prepared outreach materials and pithy advocacy documents (the national and regional declarations) to make their voices and recommendations heard and to have a ready set of ideas to insert into a variety of sectoral, local, national or regional platforms going forward The project is funded by Transparency International and will run from February to November 2014.

Goals & Objectives:

•This project aims to ensure that national and local state actors, academic institutions, businesses and civil society actors include a gender focus when devising strategies and implementing policies to strengthen integrity.

•In Lebanon, the project aims to gather the experience of 75 women in the 3 sectors in the fight against corruption.

Expected results:

•Create a new body of knowledge around MENA women’s experience of corruption: Women and Corruption in MENA Brief

•Creation of national and regional networks of women leaders in the sectors of academia, business and the public sector: MENA Women’s Integrity Network

•Devise sector-specific recommendations and conduct advocacy actions targeting those devising anti-corruption strategies and policies: Regional , National and Sectoral Declarations.

Team in charge: Karim El-Houssami, Dr. Saiid Issa, Nadine Merhi, Hazar Assi, Pamela Zouein & Rana El-Khoury, Ronald Barakat, Ayman Dandach.